Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What Really Scares Me

My world is changing at a rapid pace these days. The U.S. economy is whacked. Barack is an unproven player facing more serious challenges (in my opinion) than any president before. The global economy, banking system reforms, nuclear programs in third world countries, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Illinois governor auctioning a Senate seat, government bailouts, the lack of a U.S. Energy Policy (which was a hot issue when gasoline was at $140/bbl) are some of the issues headlining lately.

Despite all these news headlines, which could cause anyone to think our world was collapsing, there are only a few things that really scare me.

  • Ignorant People

These people can ruin the lives of Innocent bystanders. They kill people. They are the ones you see weaving in and out of traffic at high speeds because they are in a hurry and your in their way. They vote without knowing why. They blame others for their troubles. "Ignorance is Bliss". I don't necessarily agree. If you are ignorant, hopefully; you will receive enough criticism and negative feedback so that eventually you will begin to feel like crap no matter how ignorant you are. Ignorance is a condition or a state which can be corrected. The difficulty is that most people choose to be ignorant probably because being ignorant is expedient and less trouble than understanding facts or they are just plain selfish.

  • Politicians

What motivates a politician? Usually it's power. How does a politician gain power? Often by giving someone else what they want. Is a politician likely to act in the long term best interest of the nation? Not if they have an option that will provide them with more power in the short term. That is exactly why the U.S. does not have an energy policy.

There are some very good leaders in Washington yet I am afraid there are not enough.

  • Flying Monkeys

Those guys are completely out of control.

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